Recipe: Texas Chili

1.5 kilos Top Chuck Roast (I used an oyster blade roast) , cut into 1.5cm cubes vegetable oil 1 large onion, chopped 1 anaheim pepper, chopped fine (1 Jalapeno and 1 green Bullhorn chilli) 3 large cloves garlic, minced 5 Tbsp Real Chilli Powder … Continue reading

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Recipe: Black Beans

Ingredients 1 K black beans  (i get ‘em at Fiji Market in Newtown for cheap) 3 medium-to-small onions 2 jalapeno peppers, stem removed (Woolies usually) 6-7 cloves garlic salt Instructions 1. Soak the black beans 8 hours or overnight.  Discard liquid. … Continue reading

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Review: Agave Mexican Restaurant, Surry Hills

Props to Agave for being the first restaurant we’ve reviewed for that’s been bright enough to actually see what you are eating.  Izote and Baja Cantina (I usually get seated in the back patio) both serve in gloomy spaces … Continue reading

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Recipe: Breakfast Tacos

Some people call them Breakfast Burritos. To me, a Burrito is something made in a large flour tortilla that’s at last 9 or 10 inches (25-30cm) across, and rolled up into something quite thick.  It can be hand-held, but in … Continue reading

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Recipe: Texas Chorizo

In Australian butcher cases there is a cured meat sausage called chorizo, but sources tell me that its chorizo in the Portuguese style. In Texas breakfast tacos, chorizo is a spicy, so chili-laden that it’s brick red, uncured fine mince.  … Continue reading

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Cookbook Review: The Tex-Mex Cookbook

As detailed elsewhere, I’m not super concerned about “authenticity”.  Good food, cooked with heart and shared with friends, can be high-brow or low-brow and it just doesn’t matter. Robb Walsh seems to share my views.  He’s a Houston-based food writer, … Continue reading

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Recipe: Salsa Charra

For Roasting: 2-3 lbs Roma tomatoes 6-12 fresh jalapeno peppers 2 bunches garlic Other Ingredients Salt, to taste Roma tomatoes work best for this recipe. Cut and seeded, they have much more body and density than regular tomatoes. Their flat … Continue reading

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There was a specific set of questions that prompted me to start this blog. And as it often does with me, it started with a whinge. Me, on twitter, ironically noting that the bottom-of-the-barrel “Old El Paso” brand is somehow … Continue reading

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Recipe: Real Chili (Chilli) Powder

3 parts dried Ancho chillis (whole) 1 part dried New Mexico chilis (whole) 1 part dried Guajillo chiles (whole) 1 part dried Pasilla chillies (whole) 1 part whatever other dried chiles you have (whole) Place your whole chiles onto a … Continue reading

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Source: Mexico City Food Products When we were trying to find sources for our first Australian Cinco de Mayo party, we had a critical issue looming in front of us: Where are we going to get tortillas? Tortillas are the fundament of Mexican meals.  … Continue reading

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